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Transform Your Creative Dream Into a Business Reality

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Non-traditional business wisdom, for non-traditional creative business people longing for guidance with soul


I am in touch with the realities of running a creative business, making money and and having a life


I am absolutely committed to taking care of the whole of you, not just the parts that make money


I offer both one-on-one business focussed consultations and personal-growth focussed creativity coaching sessions via Skype, phone or in person in my studio


I work with workshop groups around themes of holistic business practice and building soul-focussed approaches to your work


I create deeply engaging e-courses for my fellow creatives to investigate the themes of holistic business practice and soul-focussed work practice in their own space and time

Those of us who earn our living from our creativity tend to have both unique careers and very unique problems. Balancing the act of being creative with having a business is, for most people, challenging. And for those of us who long to build that business in healthy and sustainable soul-feeding ways, there has been no road-map, until now.

Creative Conversation is an approach to business, creativity and spirituality, that is holistic. It considers the whole being. Whether you need to understand how to structure your business, how to make more money, how to balance your work and life commitments, or be more creative, there are answers here that are both practical and soulful. Creative Conversation will bring you back home to why you started your creative business in the first place- to do more of what you love.

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