I’ve been mulling something over for quite some time, wondering if I should express this point of view here (the brave and honest thing to do, in my estimation) or just leave the whole thing alone (otherwise known as the cowards way out).  But I have to say it, because I’ve been around long enough to know that if you are going to put yourself out there in the way that I am with Creative Conversation, you have to be 100% honest about who and what you are about, otherwise isn’t it all really just bullshit?

So here it is…drum roll please….I think that the creative business path is really one of the most spectacular spiritual paths you can be on.  There.  I said it.  I think business is a spiritual path and that is the way that I treat it. And thus, it is the way that I want to communicate about it.  And if you think that’s a load of BS, then I bid you a very warm sayonara, it’s been nice knowing you.  Because from henceforth, I will not be talking about business in a way that about a million other business coaches today are.

I will not be skirting around the edges of something that I think is a fact – You, as a creative professional, made your business because you LOVE what you do.  You feel CALLED to what you do, and you wish to make a commitment, through thick and thin, to make that creative path that you love your main gig.  Sounds an awful lot like a spiritual path if you ask me.

And here is another thing – the journey you are on in creating that business, giving it your heart and soul, making it a core part of your life, making it work financially, making it work holistically in the rest of your life is one of the toughest and most glorious things you have done.  It takes you to the edges of your vulnerability, to moments of dizzying highs of achievement and to some very dark nights of the soul.  Sounds a bit like a spiritual path, doesn’t it?

And here is one more thing.  You are driven by some unnamed desire and knowing, that this creative thing that you do, that you love to do so much that you want to make it your life.  You were put on this earth, in this lifetime, to actualize it.  Sounds a bit like a spiritual path to me.

So lets just cut the crap and see it for what it is – creative business is a spiritual path if ever there was one!

So why exactly is it that I feel the need to discuss business within this framework of ‘a spiritual path’?  Isn’t that kind of exclusive language?  Isn’t it just going to piss off and turn off a whole bunch of people?  Well, yes it might, but it’s also a framework to discuss what I discover more and more with every passing day in my real-life investigation of having a creative business.   And my investigations have revealed these observations:

– When I create my business from a more spiritual standpoint (ie a sense of ease, trust, feeling good, love, meditative visioning, generosity and honesty) some really great stuff transpires in my life and business. And best of all, I feel really good and really satisfied.

– On the contrary, when I create my business from a space of conventional business wisdom (ie. endlessly researching ‘how it is done’ online, trying to figure out where I fit, trying to fit in, trying really hard to make money, trying to do it better than the next guy, scheduling endlessly, making 5 year goals and lofty plans that look good on paper) I generally wind up feeling like shit, and with a job that I hate!  It’s the kind of business where you can make money, but you’re left wondering if it’s really worth it.

– We live in some awesomely interesting times where the boundaries of what is possible for us humans to achieve is being pushed way beyond where it was even ten years ago.  The acceptance of the importance of things like mindfulness and meditation has become mainstream.  The understanding that it is powerful to create from the heart is also becoming a huge trend in an enlightened wave of creative business owners.

So lets just  say it like it is – matters that were once thought to belong to the world of the spiritual, are crossing over into the way that we do business.  And I for one think this is hugely powerful and inspiring.

So I hope you enjoy the future of Creative Conversation from here on in. It won’t be mainstream, and it won’t be beige.  It may on occasion be a bit woo woo and a bit kookie to some.  But it will at all stages be an honest reflection of my own journey in business – one that seems to become more spiritual and more enjoyable with every passing day.