What is it about creativity that so fascinates us? What is it about creativity that makes us feel so deeply satisfied when we practice, and makes us revere it when we see it expressed clearly and unabashedly in others?

When I started my clothing label some 15 years ago, stuck at it, and made it a success, I can’t tell you how many times I would find myself looking into the starry-eyes of someone saying how wonderful it must be to be creative every day. When I started out, this was the very thing that spurred me on – my love of the creative act and my desire to earn my living from it.

At the time, I was being creative by making clothing, so that is what I built a business around. That business allowed me the scope to investigate my creativity in a number of ways, far beyond the act of designing and making clothing. It also taught me that making a business out of something you love can take you away from the act of being creative more than bring you to it, but that is story for another day.

In a way, the act of creating a business is one of the ultimate forms of creativity. You are creating your life and your living on so many levels, from every single decision that you make, that sometimes its actually hard to make a move, in case you create the wrong thing.

I’ve been really taking my time with the development of Creative Conversation, partly because I am aware that I am capable of creating what I set my mind and heart to, so I want to ground my mind in my heart in the creation of this business – not just follow some formulas that I know will work. I am also a Mum of two small children and do not want to be so consumed with rapid business growth that leads me to missing these early precious years. And I am also taking my time with the business because I want to leave space for the exploration of my creativity through painting and my own spiritual practices.

My desire, with my business, is to allow it to evolve slowly and naturally, allowing the path to reveal itself, rather than my previous technique of carving a path with a machete though a thick and threatening forest of possibility and competition. In short, if there was a ‘slow business’ movement, I would be the CEO (apologies to anyone out there if you are the CEO of a slow business movement!). I want it to evolve slowly so that the quieter, newer, more fragile parts of my creative being are not scared away, because down the track, I would like to integrate these into my business. And the thing that most amazes me, is that the trickle of business flowing in, is the perfect pace for where I am at right now.

This week I have been preparing a talk for a charity event where I have to give my ‘Famous Last Words’, 15 minutes of words to leave with the world, if I were about to depart it. In my sum-up, I found myself writing, that if we all do one thing, it should be to allow ourselves to be creative every day, in whatever it is that we do. To me, it is the act of allowing our creativity to flow that makes us divine and powerful beings.

Creativity to me, is like a spirit, a form of connection with the divine and intangible. She is an elusive entity made more tangible the more that we are in a space of flow and allowance. She loves it when you provide a loose structure for her to move in – and she comes to visit more often, the more that you trust her. All she really wants us to do is show up to our creative practice (and this can include our businesses) with the attitude of ‘I’m ready’ and ‘I don’t judge how you appear’. She loves it when you play, and likes to jump in during a state of play and give you moments of genius. She also likes to make you wait sometimes, and others to make you rush – such is her cheeky and sometimes frustrating nature.

In fact the more I write about Creativity, the more I realise that she is almost synonymous with Intuition, and our notion of ‘the muse’. In fact, the muse is the embodiment of what is otherwise the very abstract notion of ‘creativity’. And the intuitive element is the part where we allow ourselves to see her by letting our mind-focus soften and our heart open. Letting your body flow into action on these prompts is the pure act of faith that creativity inspires – that if we allow ourselves to be an instrument of creativity, she will deliver what she can only uniquely deliver through us.

My view is that it is absolutely possible and necessary to bring this kind of creativity to our businesses so that we create truly sustaining enterprises – on all levels of our being.