In my 15 years of selling clothes to women I have seen a phenomenon happen over and over.  It is so mundane, that I can guarantee that you yourself will have done it. But the significance of this phenomenon could easily be missed.

It usually goes something like this: woman spies something nice in the shop.  It’s usually the first thing that takes her eye (Dudes, imagine you are at Bunnings!). She comes in and asks to try it on.  It’s perfect. It fits a treat, the colour is right and she looks like she was born to wear it.  What does she do next?  She then proceeds to try on everything else in the store just to see if there is anything better.  None of these are right. They all fit badly, the colour is wrong, we don’t have her size. She feels like her hips are too wide, the tops of her arms are flabby and she has ugly knees. And then, eventually, after an hour or so of torturing herself, she buys the first item she tried on.

Sound familiar to anyone? You might do it in a clothing store, or you might do it in your business- questioning that first instinct only to torture yourself with an unnecessarily overwhelming myriad of choices.

The interesting thing to notice in this scenario is that 9 1/2 times out of 10, the woman intuitively chooses the item that is right for her, IMMEDIATELY.  She is magnetically drawn to it, she loves it, it feels right, it looks right.  Something in her senses its perfect dimensions and qualities for her before she even lays her hands on it.  She resonates with it.

Let me say that again, SHE RESONATES WITH IT.

We often use the phrase “I resonate with that” when something we hear or something someone says strikes a chord with us.  In fact, resonance IS a musical phenomenon, as well as a one found in the disciplines of physics, in philosophy, in engineering, quantum theory, meditation and yoga, just to name a few.  But lets just go with the musical analogy for a minute.

A chord is made up of separate notes. When each of these notes are played together, they resonate, creating a harmony that is pleasing to the ear. Now imagine you are a note, and something that peaks your interest is a note. When you get together, you resonate. You have a harmony with that thing. And just as in music, that harmony is compelling and makes you want to create more of them. Just like music, the feeling is entirely subjective, but meaningful just the same, and leaves you craving more.

Resonance is the hum of knowing within you.  It can be subtle or powerfully magnetic. Resonance is the feeling that tells you you are on the right track, to prick up your eyes ears and pay attention. Resonance is the feeling that you should get together with that thing that is setting it off and spend some time together. It sets off a magical cascade of senses in your body that feel amazing and compel you to go find more.  It expands webs of ideas and thoughts. It is the most valuable thread to follow because it is the one leading you directly to YOUR unique bliss, whatever that may be.

What people often don’t realise is that Resonance is a function of your intuition.  For some, the word intuition can be perceived of as a bit nebulous and, well, a bit purple tie die.  In my view, resonance is the experience you have in your body and mind when your intuition is trying to highlight something for you.  My personal experience is that resonance and intuition are probably the most valuable tools in my creative, business and life kit bags. Without them, I am lost in a sea of endless possibilities with no compass to find my way, whether that be a new top, a business direction, or whether or not to have another baby.

Resonance is that compass for me.  Every decision I make on a micro and macro level is influenced by it.  I for one would prefer to hedge my bets on the thing that my intuition tells me is the right one rather than waste a whole heap of energy on trying on everything.  We do to much of this in business and life- stepping outside of our innate wisdom to find that perfect thing, when all along the sign posts are there….If only we would pause long enough to see that there are actually sign posts there.

That is why so much of the way I work with people hones their personal experience of resonance and intuition.  I honestly believe the greatest service that I can do for others on the planet is to help them to foster a relationship with their innate knowing and teach them skills that will help that come forth.

How have you experienced resonance and intuition?  What role do they play in your business and life? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Cheers, Suse x