Part of being creative is that I LOVE trying new things.  As I’ve been creating my new e-course, I’ve been recording podcasts and video interviews galore, which has been new to me and so much fun. And I thought, since the early bird prices end on the course registration this coming Monday 9th Feb, that I might give you a little taster of the general awesomeness that you will find in the Holistic Business Mapping e-course that starts on March 2nd.

This little interview with singer/songwriter and entrepreneur Clare Bowditch was such a treat for me to do.  I’ve long thought Clare was pretty ace, from way back at my CERES market days in Melbourne when I would sell my clothes at my little market stall and she worked the organic fruit and veggie stand.  From little things big things grow!

Late last year, I had the pleasure of spending some time with C.B. Bali.  I think there are very few creative professionals out there of such calibre as Clare that are so generous with their time and information.  But you see, Clare is one of those success stories who remembers that once upon a time, she knew nothing about being a creative professional either.  This was one of the big inspirations behind creating her labour of love Big Hearted Business, to help others connect with the information they need to make their creative dream a business reality.  And it’s one of the reasons I love her too, as it was at her very first conference that a fire was lit under me to start Creative Conversation.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I often focus on how important it is as creative business people to use our intuition and respond to that which we resonate with.  This was the very subject which I chatted to Clare about, so I hope you enjoy.

It may also be slightly ironic, that in interviewing an award-winning musician on my fancy new podcasting microphone, I forgot to adjust the settings on my computer, so I am sorry to say that the sound is a bit crappy.  Oooops, live and learn hey.  Hope you enjoy it all the same.  And if you find yourself wanting more of this kind of goodness then sign up to the Holistic Business Mapping e-course– early bird prices end really soon.

Suse x