There is a place in life that many of us come to at least once and often more.  It is the space after you have defined yourself as ‘something’ in the world.  You’ve had some kind of success.  Defined some kind of identity around it.  And then life makes it obvious that it is time to move on from this way of being onto to something new.

But that something ‘new’ is nebulous and shady.  It is embryonic.  It has not yet taken form.  And it takes a good period of unpredictable time to incubate.

This moment is what I like to call the space in-between.  I’ve just been in one and it’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

The space in-between is where all possibilities lay.  It is exciting and petrifying all at once.  But it can also be lonely, because it exists only in your imagination so no-one else can share it with you yet. And no-one else can assure you that it will ‘all work out’ because they don’t know and you don’t know if it will.

And yet the space in-between, if we really understand it correctly, is possibly one of the most special places to be in life and your creative journey.  It is like a magical land of possibility from where you can conjure your destiny.

I’ve conjured many an incredible journey from this place – each perfect for it’s time.  And for the past few months I have found myself in this space once again, this time for a time longer than my urge to ‘make stuff happen’ usually allows me.

This time I made a conscious choice to slow the process down. To allow the gestation to really take root.  To allow the dreams and flashes of possibility emerge and play more fully, because this was what they were beckoning me to do.

And now, only just now, are they beginning to make their way into the world, slowly, one by one, 3-dimensional ‘real’ things that are being born, that as yet do not make perfect sense as a whole.

I speak of my art.  I speak of new ways of working with clients.  I speak of writing.  I speak of a deeper commitment to my spiritual life which is what has deeply informed this slower-paced, more meditative journey.

And before my momentum picks up again, as it always does, and I become fully absorbed in the act of creating, as I always do, I wanted to pause and reflect on this latest period of the time in-between because I think it is way underrated as a necessary part of the creative process.

There seems to be such an emphasis out there on productivity and taking action and precious little on honouring the time in between these times. And these times can often be fraught and difficult for many people because so many unknowns are involved and they are part of the creative birthing process.

So I wanted to encourage you, that if you find yourself currently in a space in-between, to please honour that time with the greatest respect to your creative process.  Please know that you are not ‘blocked’ or unmotivated or lazy.  You are brewing.  You are cultivating something true and beautiful in your soul.

Sink into the unknowing.  Bathe in the possibilities.  Resist the urge to make it into something solid too quickly.  Allow your eyes to loose focus staring out windows and dream into the visceral experience of the colours and shapes of your imagination.

This is the great foundation block upon which you will build your next big thing, believe it or not.

Build it right, not with hammers and saws, but with learning to allow the future to come forward with ease, which it does when you allow the space in between to work its dreamy magic.

Soon enough you will be busy again manifesting it into being.  Make sure you have done your ‘research’ in the depths of your being, your heart and mind.  Make sure it is well marinated.  For we all know aged wine has flavours that can only be conjured through a nice, long period of brewing.

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