Yesterday was the first day of Spring here in the southern hemisphere and my, was she glorious.  The sun shone and it’s rays had real warmth brewing in them.  This caught me by great surprise as we often don’t see the warmer weather until November around here.  I don’t think I have ever been happier to see spring come.

This winter has, for me, been a deeply challenging time in many ways.  It has been a time where I was led to some pretty dark places within that needed attention, processing and deep healing.  Things that have waited for over 35 years to be felt and let go of.

Such processes are never easy, but they are hugely necessary at times.  And my time has been this winter.

It required me to back right off on my businesses and create space for the unknown unfolding.  It required me to stand completely in my vulnerability waiting for tsunami upon tsunami of decades of unfelt emotion to break upon me.  And then it required me to do it again.

This winter, I gave in.  I really gave in.  I gave in because I know that truly feeling and letting go of the old stories that held me ransom was the only road to truly coming into complete alignment with what the universe has destined me to be. I gave in because there were crusty old skins that needed to be shed, because I am truly done with letting them run my emotional life.

I gave in because I was far enough down the road to my own truth that there was no other way but to confront these deep shadows and let them engulf me – not so that they would take me over, but so I could befriend them and give them permission to be part of my story, the story that I share with you.  It is a love story, true and deep, the one where I have finally given myself the love I so desperately needed – and that is the love where we learn to hold ourselves through dark times with great compassion.

I share this with you because I believe that we all have shadows that are longing to be embraced, yet we are often too afraid to go there. I share them because many of us carry shame around having a shadow at all (I know I have!).  And I share it because I feel deeply that many of us are being called to have a conversation with that shadow so that we may evolve into whole beings that own all of their energy, instead of using it to suppress emotions begging to be felt.

But most of all I share this because I long for all of us to fall deeply and truly in love with ourselves.  That is the kind of beautiful foundation that greatness and true service is built on.

The places that I have been are difficult to put into words, so I put them into paintings.  The storms I endured, the grace I experienced after each storm, and emotions so vivid and volatile that the only language for them was strange abstract shapes and crazy colour.

I am not an art therapist, but I do understand now first-hand the power of image making while walking a deeply emotional healing road.  Colour and form have a way of expressing and healing that which cannot be processed by the brain alone.  They are visceral and mysterious all at the same time.  Painting has allowed me to put all this overwhelming emotional energy somewhere outside of myself and see that there is beauty there along with the challenges.

So here are a few of the paintings I have created while on this journey. If you would like to see any of them in greater detail, you can view them over here on my Art page.

Thank you for reading.  And if this post finds you on a similar journey, I sincerely send you all my love and support, you are my hero for facing this time with such bravery and vulnerability.

Love Suse xx

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Summer Grasses Under Many Moons.  Mixed Media on canvas.  102 cm x 102 cm  Find out more here
Rain Down On Me
Rain Down on Me.  Mixed Media on Canvas.  150 cm x 77 cm. Find Out more here.
Winter Storm Dreaming
Winter Storm Dreaming.  Acrylic on Canvas.  36 cm x 36 cm Find out more here.
IMG_6498 (1)
Geoscape.  Acrylic on Canvas.  92 cm x 92 cm.  Find out more here.