How many times have you created something and wondered, is this going to last?  Will this be relevant in one year, two years, ten years time?  As a fashion designer, I always tried to stay away from trends and just make clothes that I loved, in the hope that there would be a timeless quality to them.  I have also had the same commitment with what I have made here at Creative Conversation.

Last week I hosted a lovely small group of four in small Holistic Business Mapping Workshop in my studio.  It was the first time in over a year that I have run this program live (though it has run several times online) and it was really beautiful to see how it melded with all the new perspectives I had gained over the past year.

I had feared that with the massive personal changes that I had been through over the past twelve months, that this course I had created nearly 3 years ago may no longer be relevant.  But, thankfully, I was wrong.  I found that the structure of Holistic Business Mapping still held true though the face of my life and business has been changing and evolving at a rapid rate behind the scenes.  There are timeless qualities to it and core truths in that I believe pass the test of time.

Because the group I hosted was small and intimate, I took the opportunity to make a new Holistic Business Map for myself to gage visually where things are at and where they wish to flow to next.

It’s been a while since I have done one of these maps, and I was surprised, yet again, to discover the power of this method of business and life planning.  It really pulled out what was central to my life just now and helped me to see how may meld with my business direction.  It helped me to see what was flowing in, what is blooming, and what is flowing out.  Here is the map that I made:


Clarity on direction can be such an issue for so many creative and spiritual business owners. Finding a method (such as mapping) to become clear on what it is that you most want on the deepest level is so important.

I personally have no interest in creating a business or life that is not in alignment with my soul’s highest good, my biggest dreams and most heart-felt intentions in the wider world.  So I map in order to stay clear on the winding path of my business evolution.  What comes out in my map is often a little abstract, but it contains truths that are at the core of my being. These truths are the bedrock of my business.

If you would like to nurture some clarity around your business, and the time is ripe for you to consider diving deep into the soul of your business in this new year, then the Holistic Business Mapping E-course – Business planning with Art and Soul may be great for you.  You can sign before the end of January 2016 for just $99 for newbies and $49 for alumni.  After then, the price goes up.

The great news is that this course is now EVERGREEN.  What does that mean?  You can start anytime you like and you get a six-month subscription to the e-course website.  You have full support from me via the comments anytime and you get access to our private Facebook group.

If you’d like to understand a bit more about what this Holistic Business Mapping thing is, check out this video:

This is Holistic Business Mapping from Susan Nethercote on Vimeo.