I haven’t blogged for ages.  This has been for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I do think that if you are going to blog, make it real REAL good and really contribute something that is worthy of people giving their precious time to.  Problem is, every time I sat down to write something over the past few months, it somehow didn’t feel quite authentic, it wasn’t coming straight from my truth.  So instead of posting something lackluster, I opted to wait until something of worth presented itself for communicating.

While I’ve been waiting for this ‘something’ to arrive, I’ve painted, I’ve drawn, I’ve entered my work in my very first group show, I’ve kept going with my online painting tuition, I’ve completed painting commissions and sold other works that people have fallen in love with.  It’s been a wonderful adventure and it has felt like a new season in my creative life has been ripening.

Painting and art making has been something that I initially started doing again simply for myself, for my own love of creating and also as balm for a healing process I have been going through.  I have shared my journey and other’s have resonated with it.  And somehow, in this time of ‘waiting’ for the inspiration to arrive for my next move with Creative Conversation to arrive, it happened and has presented itself in the most unexpected of ways- a new career direction as an artist, for which I have just launched a brand new website: susannethercote.com

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 I love working with my coaching clients and getting deep into the journey with others on the creative business path, I really do, because I have deep understanding of that process and deep compassion for those on that path.  So my coaching will definitely continue.  But I also love making art, and it somehow feeds a very primal need in me, one  that I ignored for quite some time.  Also, the more that I have pursued my art, they more flow has developed in my coaching and consulting business, an interesting side-benefit of following my heart.

This wonderful and surprising relvelation has been very exciting and has also felt like coming home to a me that has always been there patiently waiting. But it has also created awkward feelings of ‘what are my peers going to think? Pursuing yet another career course for the second time in 5 years!’ The insecure part of me did not want to appear flakey to those that have supported my transition into Creative Conversation.Though the wiser part of me knows that it is totally natural for our creative careers to be windy roads and to serve multiple passions.

But this whole journey has felt like I remembering of who I was before my ‘life’ happened. When I was 15 years old I begged my parents to let me take private oil painting classes from a local artist Ellen Michel who herself never took on students that were not adults.  She must have seen something in my teenage earnestness and agreed to have me in her class which was a huge creative openning for me, a teenage girl growing up in a rural Australian town.IMG_8959

Even back then I had the yearning to paint and would have loved to have followed that thread all the way to art school, but that is not what happened, for a variety of reasons.  I went on to undergraduate and  post-graduate studies in art history, deeply entrenching myself in the academic study of art, being more comfortable at that young age to study artists than fully embrace being one. I crafted, made jewellery, continued to paint and made my own clothes as my creative outlet, and that let to me starting my clothing label Manqué Design in 2000 when I eventually left my MA scholarship to persue my creative career.

I remember going through one particularly intense painting phase in 1999, really wanting to give painting a go as a career direction.  Those paintings are still stacked up in my shed. But when it came to it, people were buying my clothes, not my art and so I followed the fashion thread into a subsequently successful career…such are the sliding doors that determine our life’s choices.So here I am, back around at the start, as life seems to do in order to bring us back to what is most important to us. And this time I am taking the plunge and I’m embracing being a painter.  I am still coaching, consulting and selling my clothes, but at a lesser intensity as I allow my new focus some space to breath and grow.

So welcome to the latest twist in my creative road! I is certainly never boring, that’s for sure!In honour of this new direction, I have created a NEW WEBSITE, susannethercote.com which is a new home for my art.  If you would like to follow along on that creative journey, please do subscribe to receive my ‘journal’ in your inbox.  The stories there will be different to the one’s your receive here and much more focussed on my art practice.

And if you do sign up before the end of July, then you will go in the running to WIN an original painting by me, yippee!  The actual painting that will be given away will be announced on my  Instagram where I post all my creative ventures and also love to support my fellow creative’s on their’s.

Cheers to new adventures!

Big Love, Suse x