Who Am I?

My name is Susan Nethercote.  I am a creative professional and I have been studying, teaching and earning my living with creativity in one form or another for my entire life.  This deep passion has led me to postgraduate studies and teaching roles in Art History at the University of Melbourne, to studying the Technology of Creating with William Whitecloud International, to my own design and art practice.  I have 15 years experience as a creative professional with my successful Australian clothing label Manque Design, and I am here to share all the wisdom I have learned along the way.

There are two streams in the way that I work with clients.  In my Creative Business Consultation work I help emerging and established creatives to structure and fine tune the mechanics of their business and make informed decisions about the kind of business model to employ and how to implement it.  I also provide advice for how to craft a digital presence.  This is for people who are after a simple ‘how to’.  It is also for people who are seeking a more holistic approach to their creative work and business.

In my Creative Coaching work, I go a lot deeper with clients.  During our sessions we explore in-depth the blocks that may be preventing them from manifesting their full potential, both creatively and financially.  Together we choose the best tools to bring light to these hindrances and dissolve them.  As a trained and experienced Intuitive, I have a knack for getting to the very core of what is holding you back and helping you to move gently but swiftly through the resolution.

I have also combined these two approaches in my unique e-course Holistic Business Mapping- Business Planning with Art and Soul.

I have worked with artists, architects, photographers, painters, graphic designers, energy workers, massage therapists, psychologists, jewellers, writers, fashion designers, hair-dressers, dancers, yoga teachers, gallery owners, doctors, psychics, ceramicists, retail store owners, naturopath’s, radio DJ’s, mothers, editors, producers, social media experts, foodies, journalists, online-store owners, performers, digital projection artists and more.  If you can vaguely define it as a ‘creative’ then I can work with you.

Two streams, which one is you?

  • I am a practicing creative professional with 15 years experience
  • I am a qualified and experienced consultant, one-on-one coach and workshop facilitator
  • I am a highly trained and experienced Intuitive
  • I am a passionate about Holistic Business Creation that nurtures all aspects of our being.

Clothing Designer Me

Manque Design
Manque Designest.2000
Since 2000 I have run Manque Design, an independent women’s clothing label. Until 2011 I was located in Melbourne, I now operate out of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.

Some of my highlights

My Early Manque Years
Manque Design was born in 2000 my living room, like many grass-roots ventures are.  I originally made jewellery, and evolved into a clothing designer when I started making one-off, re-constructed knitware clothing to keep warm in my freezing warehouse studio. Pretty soon, there was demand for my clothing, and I simply followed my nose into creating a full-fledged designer clothing label that was sold nationally throughout Australia.

My Manque Shop
In 2006 I opened my flagship store in Melbourne Australia.  This was a huge learning curve and accomplishment.  From this time on, my wholesale clientele also grew rapidly.  Within two years, I also relocated the Manque studio to a large inner-city warehouse to accomodate showrooms and a growing staff.  During this time I also went on regular fabric buying and design trips to Hong Kong, which were among some of my most exciting and enjoyable years.
My Decision to Downsize
In 2011, while pregnant with my first child, my husband and I made the decision to pursue a quieter life in the central highlands in Victoria Australia.  We bought a beautiful, large 150 year old house in the town of Ballarat with a huge room in the centre which has become my new studio. This was the culmination of a 1.5 year ‘downsize plan’ in the hopes of creating a saner, more family friendly life.  I now operate a smaller enterprise, Manque Design Online, which has opened up the world of online sales to me- a very exciting place to be.  Please see “Our Story” for more information on these topics.  
Education and
I am completely self-taught as a fashion designer, though I do have a degree at the school of life!  I learned my craft through many a short course, trial and error and the very generous assistance of various talented designers, pattern makers, manufacturers, retailers and friends.  I am testament to the “Jill of all trades” philosophy and love that creating my own business has allowed me to dabble in so many different disciplines.  I should also add that I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours from the University of Melbourne where I studied Art History.  I have attended numerous business development workshops and seminars over the past 14 years.  In 2011 I completed a two year training with William Whitecloud, best-selling author of  “The Magicians Way”,  from whom I received a life-coaching and facililtation qualification.
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