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You’re savvy, smart, creative and ready to really make a go of your business.  Or, you are ready to change the way that you have been doing business.  You also happen to be a sensitive, intuitive, maybe-even-a-wee-bit-spiritual person, and don’t want to kill your creative self in the act of bringing your business to the world.  How can you go about planning such a business?

You can do it holistically.  You can do it intuitively.  You can do it in a way that will not squash who you are at your beautiful core.  And you can do it in a way that genuinely inspires you and doesn’t bore you to death.

The Holistic Business Mapping eCourse is not about giving you a rigid set of ‘How To’s’, though there are lots of practical examples of ways that you can go about building your business.  It’s for people who are creative, intuitive and love what they do, and want to keep the love alive in the business they create.  And it’s for people who don’t quite fit squarely in the business box.

It’s about showing you that the most powerful way to make business decisions for heart-and-soul-based business people, is to learn to rely on your intuitive knowing.

It is about teaching you the practical skills that will stand you in good stead to be your own business coach and teach you how to bring the whole you to your business.

It will help you create a business that supports what matters most to you in your life, rather than one that takes over your life.

Holistic Business Mapping is for people who want a truly beautiful business that fits harmoniously with the rest of their life.

How it works:
When you sign up you receive a six-month membership to our e-course site.  There are four packets, each containing 10-12 lessons each.  You can bite off as much or as little as you choose and work at your own pace. All worksheets and audios are fully-downloadable.  All lessons have a comments section which gives you the opportunity to leave comments and ask questions which I always answer in person.  You will also have access to our growing community in our Private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded creatives and business people.

What it Includes:
– Six months access to the e-Course
– 44 fully-interactive and practical lessons to teach you how to map your business intuitively
– Fully downloadable PDF worksheets
– Fully downloadable MP3’s of the guided meditations used to create your maps
Video and voice interviews with some ace people doing an awesome job at what they do.
– Full-colour custom designed printable folder graphics for those ‘hands-on’ types that like to keep things ordered in hard-copy
– Entry to the Private Holistic Business Mapping Community on Facebook

More about the four packet themes:

HEART:  In the first packet, we get down to the nitty gritty of why you are setting out to create your business.  Let me repeat, it is not about the what, but the why.  We are going to create our very first Holistic Business Map, and from that we are going to start to get really clear on the most meaningful aspects to you about your enterprise.  Most art-and-soul-based people do not go into business for the ‘big bucks’.  They go into business because they feel drawn to bring their gift(s) to the world in a more profound way, in a way that it becomes a big part of their life’s work.  The more you have awareness around why you are doing it, both for yourself and the  value it brings to others, the easier you will find processes like marketing and taking action.  The HEART module is truly the foundation for your whole business, so take your time with it, we want to build a solid one!

PEOPLE:  In the second packet, we will investigate where you and your business intersect with other people.  We will look at how you communicate to people about what you are doing.  In other words, we will look at that big scary thing called marketing.   You will learn in this week how to go about marketing your business in the most organic and authentic way for you and why it doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming.  We will look at many of the options available to you and use our mapping to devise the perfect marketing mediums for you and your business.

MONEY:  In the third packet we will be looking at the life-blood of every business: money.  We will start this module off with what is often the biggest hurdle for people – dealing with their own particular version of limiting beliefs about money.  There are lots of resources in this week to pick and choose from, such as sample spread-sheets of the kind that you do find in traditional business plans (just in case you do need them) and a detailed look at costing and pricing for both service-based and product-based businesses.  There are lots of appendices and downloads here to guide you wherever you are at in your stage of business.

ACTION: In the fifth packet we will take a highly practical look at different styles of making your business happen in the world.  From the ‘micro’ of ways to approach planning your work day that don’t feel like a whip, to the ‘macro’ of looking at ways to manage planning bigger projects in a way that is friendly to right-brainers.  This module contains all the secrets to eliminating procrastination with a capital ‘P’.


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How much have others loved it?:

“I was lucky enough to participate in the Holistic Business Mapping e-Course earlier this year. What a fabulous experience! As a very small business person, finding my feet, I found this course both relevant and incredibly inspiring. The course content is released weekly in very manageable chunks – the material is so engaging and personal, I would hang out for the next instalment (putting other things off in the meantime)! Susan has put so much of her own heart and soul into the creation of this course – I feel I’ve met a soul mate despite the fact we have never actually met in person. There is also ample opportunity to connect with like-minded people through the Facebook group and weekly chats. I would highly recommend this e-Course to anyone who feels they need to inject some energy and inspiration into their creative business.”   Anne Belcher, Branch Into Music, Early Childhood Education Through Music and Movement

“Suse knows here stuff – she knows how to get what’s in that crazy, creative, curious head of yours and down onto paper where it makes big, beautiful sense. She has all your business bases covered and gets you going in the right direction. There’s so much attention to detail and love and care put into this course. And she’s there guiding you the whole time – she’s like your business bestie!
Kylie Lewis, Digital Strategist, Executive and Wellness Coach, Owner

“The e-course is so inspiring and motivating! Unlike other goal setting approaches this one just clicked with the way I think as a creative, and gave me so much clarity in terms of where I want to go and the kind of nurturing businesses I want to build. Susan is a gentle and encouraging teacher, and the weekly Facebook sessions with the rest of the group are really good at spurring you on. She has also gone to great lengths to pack the course with good, solid and enjoyable content that will help you create a business you love.”  Rebecca Jee, Graphic Designer, Rebecca Jee Creative

I want to say a big thanks to you Susan for this eCourse – it was jam-packed full of goodness! The material you presented was clear, comprehensive, inspiring, thought-provoking, creative, practical and actionable! I plan to dedicate the time for this to be an annual event to integrate my business- and life-planning! Since the course, I’ve often found myself saying with my pride, “My business-coach helped me realise XYZ…” as you have been pivotal to the increasing success of my business (and I used to think that ‘coaches’ were for chumps!). I think the reason your approach resonates with so many creative businesses, is because you are not dictating what people ‘should’ be doing, you are instead helping us learn to listen to our intuition, and trust ourselves to find our own approach. Love your work! Talina Edwards, Architect, Business-Owner, Mother and more!
Talina Edwards, Architect, Business-Owner, Mother and more!

Susan is a successful boss lady who approaches business with a trifecta of warmth, intuition and street smarts. Her Holistic Business Mapping e-course is nurturing and supportive, inspirational and informative. Susan has so much knowledge and wisdom to share, I would get onto this one.”  Emily Wills, Surface Designer, Surface 122

“Creative Conversations came along at just the right time for me.  I was looking for a way to get more organised ( hello awesome monthly printables that I now can’t live without!) while still prioritising time for the creative part of my business.  Plus I got to share all of the great classes with a fun group of ladies led by Susan.  Highly recommended!” Jasmine Pfingst, Flower Farmer.