“I was lucky enough to participate in the Holistic Business Mapping e-Course earlier this year. What a fabulous experience! As a very small business person, finding my feet, I found this course both relevant and incredibly inspiring. The course content is released weekly in very manageable chunks – the material is so engaging and personal, I would hang out for the next instalment (putting other things off in the meantime)! Susan has put so much of her own heart and soul into the creation of this course – I feel I’ve met a soul mate despite the fact we have never actually met in person. There is also ample opportunity to connect with like-minded people through the Facebook group and weekly chats. I would highly recommend this e-Course to anyone who feels they need to inject some energy and inspiration into their creative business.”   Anne Belcher, Branch Into Music, Early Childhood Education Through Music and Movement

“Suse knows here stuff – she knows how to get what’s in that crazy, creative, curious head of yours and down onto paper where it makes big, beautiful sense. She has all your business bases covered and gets you going in the right direction. There’s so much attention to detail and love and care put into this course. And she’s there guiding you the whole time – she’s like your business bestie!
Kylie Lewis, Digital Strategist, Executive and Wellness Coach, Owner

“The e-course is so inspiring and motivating! Unlike other goal setting approaches this one just clicked with the way I think as a creative, and gave me so much clarity in terms of where I want to go and the kind of nurturing businesses I want to build. Susan is a gentle and encouraging teacher, and the weekly Facebook sessions with the rest of the group are really good at spurring you on. She has also gone to great lengths to pack the course with good, solid and enjoyable content that will help you create a business you love.”  Rebecca Jee, Graphic Designer, Rebecca Jee Creative

I want to say a big thanks to you Susan for this eCourse – it was jam-packed full of goodness! The material you presented was clear, comprehensive, inspiring, thought-provoking, creative, practical and actionable! I plan to dedicate the time for this to be an annual event to integrate my business- and life-planning! Since the course, I’ve often found myself saying with my pride, “My business-coach helped me realise XYZ…” as you have been pivotal to the increasing success of my business (and I used to think that ‘coaches’ were for chumps!). I think the reason your approach resonates with so many creative businesses, is because you are not dictating what people ‘should’ be doing, you are instead helping us learn to listen to our intuition, and trust ourselves to find our own approach. Love your work! Talina Edwards, Architect, Business-Owner, Mother and more!
Talina Edwards, Architect, Business-Owner, Mother and more!

Susan is a successful boss lady who approaches business with a trifecta of warmth, intuition and street smarts. Her Holistic Business Mapping e-course is nurturing and supportive, inspirational and informative. Susan has so much knowledge and wisdom to share, I would get onto this one.”  Emily Wills, Surface Designer, Surface 122

I hope that many more people find your e-course, it is really very effective and well-structured. Most business coaches that I stumbled upon are good sales persons for their courses and then they teach you one way of doing marketing (which means: their way of doing marketing) or their courses are designed in a way so that you can coach other coaches which is very convenient in so many ways but not everybody’s job (and not everybody is a coach, either). So, thanks a lot for having the courage and energy and responsible-mindedness to do your work! Jouleeyah, Healer and Musician, Germany.

“Creative Conversations came along at just the right time for me.  I was looking for a way to get more organised ( hello awesome monthly printables that I now can’t live without!) while still prioritising time for the creative part of my business.  Plus I got to share all of the great classes with a fun group of ladies led by Susan.  Highly recommended!” Jasmine Pfingst, Flower Farmer.


“I loved everything about your workshop.  I had an inkling beforehand that I would connect with your approach to business, and I was thrilled when that feeling was confirmed and exceeded.  Your intuitive approach to business planning just makes so much sense to me – it was something I was already developing in my business, but sometimes felt unsure about as it didn’t seem the ‘normal’ way.  To have someone with your experience and intelligence outline in such a clear and heartfelt way how it can (and should be done – because it works) was so confirming.  On top of that – you showed me many new ideas that have inspired me to go even further in this direction.  I truly believe you have tapped into something very powerful and pure in your approach to building both a business and a life that is successful in all dimensions; financially, emotionally and spiritually.  In my bones I feel this is the way forward not only for my business, but for the business world in general.  I don’t know about you – but I find whenever I implement even a few of these ideas in my business I get an overwhelming response from everyone I work with – from clients, to consultants, to contractors.  Everyone wants more of what we are giving – warmth, care, whole-hearted, intuitive business practice – that nourishes everyone involved.  Thank you for being you and doing what you do.  It makes me so happy to know you are in the world working on this stuff – so that I and others can learn and grow from your experience and expertise” Samara Greenwood, Principal Architect, SGArch.

“Believe in Yourself” is something we often hear and Susan’s intuitive approach to business actually designs a layman’s approach on how to achieve that.  In turn, this allows you to fulfil your dreams or purpose in a way that is challenging, enthusiastic, motivational, and positive with tools to keep those essential components flowing in everything you do.  I honestly found elements of this workshop to be ‘light bulb’ moments that have been business-changing and, in turn, life-changing for the better.  Some people have the ability to read and empathise with individuals and nudge and inspire them for the better, with nothing but that individual’s best interests at heart.  Susan is one of those remarkable people.Highly recommended!”  Rachel Grose, Jewellery Designer.

“The whole workshop was an activity of generosity. The information was comprehensive, real, and practical and covered so much . It was clear it was real and based on your experience from running your own successful business. And the food was great too. I couldn’t believe you’d made the soup!  Your attention to detail is incredible.  I have a list of things to do now, and a direction to go in. The mind mapping exercises were fabulous and applicable to so many situations. The information  that up came was a great surprise.  And really useful!  So all in all  it was a ripper Susan. Thank you for everything! I really loved it. I feel I’ve got real direction now.  It won’t happen quickly but I know it’s going to happen.” Anna Taylor, Artist.

“You are a gifted mentor and inspiration for living life honestly and artfully (no wonder I have always loved your clothes!)  Put simply – your work is brilliant!!  The thorough folders with your generous information summarising a life-time’s work and thought.  The beauty all around us – from you, your work and your space.  The depth of conversation honouring the intangible as our most valuable resource in our creative business. The sharing with other women in an intimate environment – to enrich all of what you offer even further.  The commitment to using drawing in business planning as a direct line to the deeper ideas.” Sue Johnson, Composer and performer.

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“It was a really special day. I want to first congratulate you on creating such a brilliant concept and business – your authentic and passionate vision very much translated into the way you conducted the workshop. Everything from the space to the vibe to the wonderful little touches contributed to creating an environment conducive to sharing and exploring areas which are potentially very personal, vulnerable and challenging. It felt open, safe; the opportunity ours for the taking. Exactly what you need to elicit the thinking that creates meaningful planning and change…[there were] lots of epiphanies and light bulb moments that I know will have lasting impacts. They are rare moments. As Jules said, we kind of signed up on a whim but both had a really good feeling about it. Now we know why!” Sarah Anderson, Creative Entrepreneur and head of social media at ANZ.

“What an uplifting and inspiring experience Creative Conversation has been for me. By the end of the day I felt open to a new & larger world of possibilities for the life that I’ve been dreaming of for years, but have often struggled to believe it would happen for me in this lifetime.   After the experience of the day had settled, a few days later, I went on a gigantic spring clean & whirlwind reorganising of my work space where I run my online business. If you attend Creative Conversation at Suse’s Ballarat studio I guarantee you’ll also be inspired to be more organised – this woman has that down pat! But more than that, I can see my ‘business & life’ relationship clearer than ever before.  The fear, & sometimes terror, of putting my small business into the big world is still there, but I have more clarity on harnessing it when it does crop up, thanks to Suse’s magic. The mind mapping exercises shifted something profound in me too, which I felt when I woke the next day. This ‘something’ has stayed with me since.  I’m enamoured, uplifted & enlightened. Attend Creative Conversation as soon as you have the opportunity – it may change your life.  Emma Jay – owner, Falling For Florin

“The thing I loved most about your Holistic Business Mapping workshop was the dedicated time and space we all created together to dream, think, feel and discuss the lives we want to live and the businesses we want to create. Thank you so much, Susan, for openly sharing your stories and hosting us in your beautiful home+studio, which added even more to that magical experience…I was able to go deeper into my understanding of this [previous mapping] and your approach of intuition-led planning and starting this from a place of meditation was incredibly helpful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Michelle Emma James, Architect

“After attending the Holistic Business Mapping Workshop I felt refreshed with an enthusiasm for my business that I’ve not had before.   I was not only inspired, but I had tools to help me use that inspiration to make changes in my business.  I’m very happy that I attended the workshop even though my business is not strictly a creative one.”  Vicki van der Meer, Naturopath.



And more Love for Holistic Business Mapping:

“I found it really fascinating learning about balancing intuition with structure and strategy and found the parts on working to break negative patterning really helpful… I liked your realness about your own journey…But mostly I loved the part about being audacious!” Lucy Mayes.

“Fantastic, super-professional, I love your graphics and your generosity with the HUGE amount of value in the folder- its pragmatic and useful while at the same time inspiring and big-picture” Janette Wotherspoon

“Fantastic- I was amazed at what emerged and would never have been able to bring that stuff to the surface alone. I wasn’t even aware I was as ready as I am!”  Andrea Hurley

“Thank You. Awesome, Loved it!” Greg Mallyon.

“The meditations and mapping process were awesome.” Michelle Symes.

“Although Susan covered what I’d read in most business plan books for creatives, having a live and passionate person whole drew from her experience made all the difference..Susan was lovely, very real, well organised, enthusiastic and encouraging. Thank you, I recommend this workshop highly”. Ingrid Windbury

“Loved hearing about Susan’s own journey..I love how she thinks!”  Sharon Upham

“It gave me clarity about what my business about and tied everything together. It was energising and positive…It was perfect for me”.Vanessa Dickson.

“Heart and People sections absolutely chockers with gems. I’m taking home so much relevant, practical information…The visualisations wet incredibly evocative and useful. Loved the emphasis on directed attention and energy to the good things over the fears, and more practical ways to make that shift…Thank goodness for this kind of help. So unusual and necessary to find it! There is such a lack of help for people whose brains work in different ways and it is a huge gift to the world to allow some incredible and enriching businesses to unfold that might not have otherwise been birthed. Thank you so much.” Romy Sai Zunde

“It was a really fun and inspiring workshop- thank you!” Bernadette Ryan

“I am a very visual person and visualising my goals and writing them down really helped”. Colleen Filippa

“The mind-mapping exercises were great and pleasurable. Experiential learning is fabulous…The folder is fabulous!” Linda Franklin

“The visualisation process and mapping helped me to give structure to my goals.  The folder is like a really useful kit to work from and take away, reflect on an employ…Susan’s energy and generosity was great”. Amanda Fewell

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Love for One-on-One Coaching:

“Getting coached by Susan always makes me feel like sitting on a table where we both look at all the pieces of a puzzle and the puzzle represents my life. And she helps me to figure out which ones of the pieces need to be replaced or removed or kept so that my business (which is only one part of the puzzle) remains sustainable, fulfills its purpose and looks beautiful and modern. What I like most about our Sessions is that I can sense how Susan connects with me on a soul level first before tuning in to what we need to have a look at more closely or what action needs to be taken. This way the space of the Session is always held by something that is bigger than us which is what I prefer, it makes the energy of our work clear and clean. Susan is very kind, straight-telling and versatile… I highly recommend her to anyone who knows that they need a more spiritual approach in order to make changes in their business.”  Jouleeyah, Healer and Musician, Germany.