What Can Creative Conversation Do For You?

At Creative Conversation I offer Workshops, E-Courses and One-on-One Consultation and Coaching sessions.

Unfortunately I won’t be taking on any new coaching or consulting clients for the first half of 2017. 

If you would like to work with me, please consider the self-paced Holistic Business Mapping e-course.  

Business Conversations

Creative Business Consultations focus on the mechanics of your business and assist you in very practical ways to bring together all the puzzle pieces of your concept into a harmonious whole.  These sessions are a professional service to assist you with any aspect of your business requiring attention: web-presence, the finances, operations, forward planning, legal structures and more. I have a very broad range of experience at different levels of business, from selling my wares at local markets, to wholesaling a fashion label nationally. I can help you grow and mature your business.  Sessions are conducted in-person in my studio, by phone or via Skype.  They are 90 minutes and cost $205 AUD.

Creativity Conversations

Creativity Coaching is for those seeking to explore the full scope of their creativity and reveal their soul’s genius.  During these sessions I work with clients using my extensive training and experience as an intuitive to discover what makes them tick creatively and what may be holding them back from fully expressing this in the world.  These sessions are deep, beautiful and transformative.  They bring clients to a whole new relationship with their creative soul and are brilliant for those who know that there is a link missing in their creative process that they just can’t seem to put their finger on. Sessions are conducted in-person in my studio, by phone or via Skype.  They are 90 minutes and cost $205 AUD. 

E-Course Conversations

The ultimate combination of my Creative Business Consultations and Creativity Coaching, is my e-course Holistic Business Mapping- Business Planning with Art and Soul. This e-course, developed from the popular workshop series, runs over five weeks and takes you on a journey of ‘alternative’ business planning. The Holistic Business Mapping eCourse is not about giving you a rigid set of ‘How To’s’, though there are lots of practical examples of ways that you can go about building your business.  It’s for people who are creative, intuitive and love what they do, and want to keep the love alive in the business they create.  And it’s for people who don’t quite fit squarely in the business box.  Full-Price Cost: $149 Duration: Self-Paced Course, Includes 6 months membership.

Other Types of Sessions

 Spirit Business Sessions are designed for those who are seeking ways to run their life and their business through the direct support offered us by the world of Spirit.  During these sessions I introduce you to the spiritual support system that I personally work with every day of my life to access my intuition and generate joy, peace, well-being, business guidance and financial success.  We will also spend time getting you better acquainted with your own guides and how you can start working with them.  As an intuitive, this is one of my favourite sessions.  In-person, phone or Skype. Duration: 90 mins  Cost: $205

 Would you like get more clarity on your soul purpose?  Would you like to learn to have a conversation with your intuitive self and find out?  Would you like to explore how you can connect more deeply with your purpose in your life and your business? Then the clarity of purpose session is for you.  In-person, phone or Skype Duration: 60 mins  Cost: $185

Intuitive painting sessions are an opportunity to roll your sleeves up and explore the world of mixed media painting.  I guide you through a variety of techniques to enrich your art practice while helping you to attune to your own intuitive process.  Only available in my studio, all materials are provided.  Duration: 2 hours Cost: $260
 The Business Meridians session is all about coming to understand your business is just like a living organism.  Just as accupuncture treats blockages of our bodies energy meridians, this session helps you to understand where there are energy blockages in your business, how they tend to be mirrored by your own body, and how you can resolve them.  In-person, phone or Skype Duration 90 mins  Cost: $205
I am currently taking a break from live workshops.
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Why Choose Creative Conversation

      • I understand the delicate balance of being a creative, a business person and human.
      • I believe that a business should be an authentic and harmonious expression of who you are and what you are about
      • I am passionate about healing the emotional and spiritual wounds that prevent us from accessing our full creative scope
      • I understand that when you create a business plan, you are really creating a big chunk of your life, so it should come from our deepest selves
      • I know that you need to receive information in a way that makes sense to you and inspires you

What Client’s Say

Before attending Creative Conversation with Susan, the vision for the Pop-Up Co. was unclear. Susan’s sessions helped us to work on refining our vision for the future as well as tackling some tricky issues along the way.
Laura Day, Pop-Up Collective
I’d been going around in circles with a couple of questions regarding potential clients and marketing being authentic.  Susan helped me figure out exactly what I was trying to do and offering practical guidance with the next steps to take. I highly recommend Susan.
Talina Edwards, Talina Edwards Architecture
I have come away from my session with Susan with clear direction and I am excited!.
Andrea Hurley, A Hurley Design
Working with Creative Conversations has changed everything… Through working with Susan I have become more confident in my abilities, I have learnt to trust my own judgement and altered the way I approach challenges.  In running my own creative micro-business, Susan has helped me learn how to use (and embrace) my creative brain as an asset, rather than the constraint traditional business models had implanted in my understanding. Her knowledge of how my (often erratic) creative brain works is both extremely refreshing and immensely reassuring, she has a knack of connecting straight to the core of an issue and helping me form insights and develop tools to move forward.  Most importantly I am no longer afraid to tackle the ‘big stuff’… the skills Susan has given me has helped propel me towards the future I want for myself, my business and my family.
Steph Wallace, Red Brick
I found it really fascinating learning about balancing intuition with structure and strategy and found working to break negative patterning really valuable.
Lucy Mayes, Writer